Most adult New Zealanders will work a 30-odd hour this week, and tomorrow, will do some more.

But for workers on zero-hour contracts, they may have worked, well, nothing.

Not out of choice, but because their employer is not obligated to give them any work - even though their staff are on permanent contracts.

Last time we talked to Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse, he told us anyone not happy on a zero hour contract should look at getting a new job.

Campbell Live and many of our viewers don't think it's that easy.

We're not sure the Minister understands just what it's like to live week to week on a zero-hours contract.
Campbell Live reporter Anna Burns-Francis went to Wellington with SkyCity worker Anthony Kavana, to see what the Minister had to say.

"I have sent my officials away so that they can advise me on what we can do to improve the Employment Relations Legislation to remove some parts of the zero-hour contracts that have come to our attention," says Mr Woodhouse.

He wants parts removed like the mutual obligation, where there is an expectation from the employee to be available for work, but no commitment from the employer.


Submitted by

Mike Treen

Written 17/3/2015