SEA-Unite strikes: why and how

The strike has already received great coverage in the media:


Your right to take action is protected by law:

  • It is 100% legal when you are in a union and bargaining to take action for better pay and conditions. A company can be fined for taking any action against you for striking.
  • Every Sea-Unite member at SkyCity has a legal right to strike. 
  • Industrial action is a way to remind the employer that it is your hard work that creates the company’s profits.
  • You cannot be disciplined or disadvantaged for striking, apart from not be paid wages during the time you cease work during a strike. 
  • A strike may involve all Sea-Unite members at the company, members in a particular department, or on a specific shift. 
  • A legal strike requires a majority of members proposed to participate in the strike to vote in favour.

The strike process - what you have to do:

  • A strike ballot will be sent to members by text on your mobile phone. Keep your phone handy or check it regularly when on shift. The text will have a link to the strike ballot which will specify the nature of the strike (full or partial), the start and finish time, and who will be participating in the strike.
  • The strike vote is a secret ballot. The result of the vote (in favour or against) will be sent to members immediately the vote closes. 
  • You do not need to inform your manager that you are striking - you can simply leave your workstation any time after the strike start time.
  • We need members to participate in a protest action for an hour or two outside the building at the beginning of the strike to let the world know what we are fighting for.
  • If you return to work during the period specified in the strike you cannot join the strike again. When you finish the strike and return to work, just let your manager know and resume normal duties. 

Non SEA-Unite members:

  • Non-union staff cannot be forced to do the work of a striking worker unless it is your normal work and normal shift. Don’t volunteer for overtime during strike action.
  • Etu members are still bargaining so won’t be part of any action unless they meet and reject the company offer as well.



SEA-Unite Bargaining Team

Submitted by

Mike Treen
Unite Union

Written 27/8/2022