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The last round of negotiations saw huge improvements to Union Members Collective agreement with Burger King. We need to ensure that Union Members are seeing the benefits of this, so do contact us if:

You’re a shift manager and there is no other fully trained shift manager to cover your breaks - You can leave your store during your unpaid breaks, so there must be someone rostered on who can cover you. If this person is receiving the base shift supervisor rate they must be paid the allowance while they’re covering you

You are running a shift and not being paid correctly - You must receive an extra $2.20 an hour for running the shift. If a senior manager is on site and you are running the shift you must still be paid the $2.20.

You weren’t offered a choice of fixed shifts or agreed hours - Over December/January you should have been offered a choice of agreed hours ( same number of hours each week worked within your preferred working times ) or fixed shifts ( same shifts every week ). This is your choice!

You were offered less hours/shifts than you normally work - We have been sent the data used to calculate the agreed hours and fixed shifts. If you feel like what you were offered wasn’t right, let us know.

Your unpaid breaks are being included in your agreed hours - Your agreed hours are paid hours so they should include your 15’s but not your half an hour unpaid break.

You don’t have access to training  - once you’re a certified team member your pay rate will increase, so make sure your training is arranged as quickly as possible.

Unite is concerned that there may be breaches of employment law and possibly even minimum wage breaches occurring, our advice:

Unite is aware that Burger King has been stealing workers wages through time adjustments and misuse of annual leave. Annual leave and other entitlements are yours to use when you want/need. You must be paid for all time worked.

Our advice: Know that your annual leave is yours. Your manager should not approach you to use your annual leave and it is a breach of employment law for them to process your leave without a request.

Be vigilant! Keep a record of hours worked and check your payslips each week. If things don’t add up contact your organiser.

Talk to each other about what is happening in the store, chances are if your times are being adjusted or your leave is being stolen it’s happening to others! Remember, we are always stronger together

Submitted by

Gary Cranston

Written 22/5/2019