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The sectors Unite covers have consistently high turnover. Some of the employers we deal with have over 100% turnover—the length of time the average worker is employed is less than 1 year. With the impact of covid-19 this year, we've also seen huge redundancies in our sectors. The employers we deal with are constantly maneuvering to reduce security of hours in order to increase the amount of leverage they have over workers.

All of this adds up to a precarious situation for both members and non-members in our sectors. In our sectors, workers are in and out of work, especially now with the impact of the pandemic on the economy. Nation-wide layoffs have exposed a larger than usual portion of the workforce to unlivable benefit levels.

For decades benefit levels have been too low, now is the time to fix them.

Auckland Action Against Poverty is spearheading a campaign to raise benefit levels and end benefit sanctions. Unite has signed on in full support of this campaign.

We believe benefit levels need to be raised to a livable level. People who are out of work still need to be able to live comfortably.

Photo credit: Lawrence Thompson

Submitted by

Jeremy Roundill

Written 8/12/2020