This weekend thousands of New Zealanders will join rallies, marches, picnics and protests at fourteen actions nationwide to call on the government to reject the TPPA.


“After six years of secrecy and government spin, we can now see what’s in the TPPA. Buried in over 6000 pages of legal text are obligations that no government should sign up to”, said It’s Our Future spokesperson Barry Coates.


“The TPPA would mean that we give away sovereign powers from democratically elected governments to unaccountable foreign corporations. We say: don’t sign.”

Analysis of the final agreement is being undertaken by academics and researchers, through a rigorous peer-reviewed process. A series of papers analysing the most crucial issues will be released over the forthcoming weeks.

“It is already apparent that the government has used spin, exaggeration and misleading information to try to sell the TPPA. The benefits are far less than we have been led to believe, the costs have largely been ignored and the restrictions on the rights of future governments to act in the public interest are utterly unacceptable“, Barry Coates commented.

The struggle to stop the TPPA ain’t over. TPPA negotiators have concluded an agreement but it won’t be signed until February next year at the earliest. Presidential candidates and senior legislators, Democrats and Republicans, are already questioning whether the TPPA should be signed before the Presidential election or whether it will be signed at all. This week, the Chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, Orrin Hatch, called for the TPPA to be re-negotiated.

“The government has claimed that the TPPA is a 21st Century agreement. This could not be further from reality,” said Coates.

“Instead, it is a desperate attempt to lock in the failed policies of the past. The TPPA will undermine our ability to meet the challenges of climate change, social equity, technological change, decent work and innovation in the years ahead.”

Details of the events this weekend and TPPA resources at www.itsourfuture.org.nz.

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 For further information contact  It’s Our Future spokesperson Barry Coates at barrycoatesnz@yahoo.com or 021 365 165


Editor’s Notes:


The following demands of the government will be presented at each of the events across New Zealand this weekend.

The Government has no democratic mandate to sign away our democratic powers in the TPPA. Before it takes any steps towards signing the agreement, the Government shall:

1.  undertake independent human rights, health, environmental  and climate change impact assessments of the potential effects of the TPPA on the people and land of New Zealand, and make this information publicly available.

2. support Local Government New Zealand to undertake an independent assessment of the impacts on local government of the TPPA and consult fully with local government.

3. fully engage with its Treaty of Waitangi partners to hear and address their concerns about the TPPA and refer the text and any proposed legislation to the Waitangi Tribunal to conduct a full risk assessment of impacts on tangata whenua; iwi and hapū.

4. withdraw its consent to the secrecy pact among the twelve TPPA countries and release all background documentation relating to the negotiations.

5. initiate a full public and parliamentary debate on the TPPA, including Select Committee hearings with public consultation, and put the TPPA to a public referendum.

We will continue to mobilise New Zealand citizens in opposition to the TPPA until our demands have been met.


Day of Action Events Saturday 14 November

Kerikeri – 2:30pm at Kerikeri Library

Auckland – 1:00pm at Myers Park

Hamilton – 1:00pm by Cock and Bull Te Rapa

Tauranga – 11:00am at Red Square

Rotorua – 1:00pm, at the Village Green – Corner of Whakaue St and Memorial Drive

Gisborne – 12.30pm, at Te Wananga o Aotearoa

Palmerston North – 1:00pm, The Square

Wellington – 1pm at Midland Park

Christchurch – 2pm, Cathedral Square

Little River – 1pm, Craft Station

Dunedin – 11am at the Railway Station

Invercargill – 1.30pm – 3pm, Invercargill Library Meeting Room, TPPA Public Meeting

Submitted by

Mike Treen

Written 13/11/2015