318 KFC picket on strike

KFC_picket_on_strike_small.pngStrike Action!..

Why is it So Awesome?


Imagine you’re that person at your at who ends up doing all the dishes ALL the time! But no one really notices it or  appreciates it!

By stopping doing the dishes you show your lazy at mates that it’s not a magical fairy that cleans them all over night... it’s YOU! This is strike action.

 When you work for Restaurant Brands you make the company heaps of $$$ but you don’t see much of it. The made $26 million in profit last year and paid the CEO a $1 million bonus recently.  By stopping work for a while you remind RBL who really makes the company so profitable ... YOU!

Click here for more info on why we are striking.

You won’t be paid for the time you are on strike but you’re doing it to make a point. And it’s worth it remember? A lot of the pay and conditions you have now were won by workers taking strike action in the past.

It is legal to take strike action when you are in a union and bargaining for better pay. And it’s normal to feel a bit apprehensive the first time but like anything, you’ll get the hang of it!  Strike action is about making people appreciate what you do!

Who can participate in a strike?

All union members who are covered by the Collective Bargaining are entitled to strike.  This time it includes both waged and salaried members of Unite. If you are not a union member join! Or you will need to work as normal.


Can I be subject to disciplinary action or discrimination by my employer for participating in a lawful strike?

NO, if you are a member of the union You can not be disciplined or discriminated against for participating in a lawful strike. The Employment Relations Act 2000 protects us and says we can not be discriminated against or suffer detriment (including dismissal) because of our participation in a lawful strike. Our experience is that members are not discriminated against or disciplined for participation in a lawful strike. However if you think this has occurred please contact us immediately.

 Do I have to tell My Manager I am going on strike?

No. You do not need to tell your manager you are going on strike. There is no general obligation to inform your manager that you intend to take strike action.  If you are leading a shift at the time of the strike you should make sure that people and property are safe when you leave.

 When can I go on strike?

Unite has given notice to restaurant Brands that members will strike at times between 2am Saturday 22nd  and 2am on Monday 24th April. We are encouraging as many members as possible to strike during 12noon and 2pm on Saturday to make the biggest impact.

What if there isn’t an organised picket near me?

You can still go on strike, ideally between – the identified pickets are just where our Unite staff can be to organise a picket.

What if I’m not rostered on at noon on Saturday?

Encourage your union workmates who are on that shift to strike and get along to a picket if you are near one.  If the company doesn’t improve it’s offer after the weekend there will be more opportunities for strike action (including  actions that don’t involve stopping work altogether).

Can Salaried Managers who are members go on strike?

Yes – Salaried Managers  were included in the initial bargaining and can also go on strike. We are still trying to get the company to properly implement a process for Salaried managers to get time off or paid out for extra hours worked. 

What if I face trouble on return to work?

We do not expect that members will face trouble after returning from lawful strike action. However if you are concerned by the reaction of your manger, politely explain to your manager that you would like to take some advice about the situation and that you are happy to talk to her or him afterwards. Please then call us immediately on 0800 2 UNITE.

Union members have a right to strike lawfully and should feel safe and confident about doing so. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or talk to your organise

Submitted by

Gerard Hehir

Written 21/4/2017