Many workers and their families have been underpaid by Work and Income New Zealand for the past 18 years.

See Govt underpaid benefits for 18 years on Radio NZ.

They did this by paying benefits a day late. Workers who have been in and out of unemployment a number of times over these years could have lost many days, and maybe some weeks of income.

Seasonal workers in particular will have been routinely cheated.

If you have friends, workmates or members or family of who may have accessed regularly accessed Work and Income benefits then they should apply to be repaid their stolen income.

The government plan to change this with retrospective legislation to legalise this theft.

For people who have been underpaid (hundreds of thousands of people), information has been prepared to assist them to ask for the arrears to be repaid before the law is changed. Share the following link to encourage people to apply.

Submitted by

Mike Treen

Written 29/10/2015