Zero hour RonaldUnite union has made a public appeal for Ronald Mcdonald to make contact about dramatic cuts in his hours of work.

“There are many media reports that, due to the “creepy clown” phenomenon, McDonalds has dramatically cut back on Ronald’s hours of work" said Unite National Secretary Gerard Hehir (see  Radio New Zealand: McDonalds not clowning around ).

McDonalds committed to Unite last year that all their workers being guaranteed at least 80% of their usual hours each week. We are asking McDonalds to confirm that they will honour this agreement with Ronald.  The creepy clown craze is not Ronald’s fault and he should not have to go back to a zero hours contract and suffer because of it.”


“Ronald is not yet a member of Unite and, while true that when approached in restaurants by our organisers he has been unusually unresponsive (in fact “scared stiff" some have said), we feel he may be ready for our help. He will be suffering the same insecurity of work that other McDonalds workers have worked under for many years”.

“We would be delighted for Ronald to appear for us as a witness at the Employment Court in our upcoming cases about security of work at McDonalds."

 Mr Hehir said McDonalds have an obvious fix for Ronald’s current insecurity: “Of course, the real solution is for McDonalds to offer all their workers, including Ronald, the 100% guaranteed hours and fixed shifts, as Restaurant Brands have recently done.”

 Unite has also invited Hamburglar to join as well but admitted that, with burglaries up by 12% across New Zealand in the last 12 months, he is likely to be have plenty of working hours currently. 

Ronald can call 0800 2 UNITE, text 022 GO UNION or go to to make contact.

Submitted by

Gerard Hehir

Written 25/10/2016