vaccine pass v3

Besides potentially losing their jobs, unvaccinated people in Aotearoa will face many other restrictions from Friday December 3rd 2021.

This is list so far:

  • One of the first questions for job applications (for almost all jobs - not just those covered by mandates) will be “are you vaccinated?” Unvaccinated jobseekers will face a very difficult task finding new employment. 
  • They will not be able to access in person concerts, festivals, large sports events, gyms and “close contact” businesses like hairdressers. All clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas etc will require vaccine passes by law.
  • Retail stores can decide whether or not to use vaccine passes but many large retailers will be using them (eg The Warehouse). 

  • They will not be able to travel overseas.

  • They will not be able to access internal flights in New Zealand without taking a covid test before their flight. Cook Strait ferries are looking at the same restriction.

  • Councils are deciding individually whether to require vaccine passes for their facilities (eg libraries, pools, council buildings) but almost all of the larger city councils are requiring vaccine passes: Auckland , Hamilton , Tauranga , Wellington , Christchurch and Dunedin.

  • Universities and Polytechs are mostly implementing vaccine requirements for in-person study, as has already happened in Australia. 

  • Team sports participation will be limited. Some rugby unions have already put in place a vaccine mandate for next year - many other sports will likely follow as gatherings are limited to only 25 people under "Red" and 50 people under "Orange".

  • Tangihanga, church services, weddings, re-unions, sports tournaments etc that don’t require vaccination will be limited to 100 people under green, 50 people under orange and ten people under red, while those that do require vaccination will have no limits under green and orange and limited to 100 only under red. 

Unless there are many businesses that decide not use vaccine passes, the options for public places for unvaccinated people will be similar to Level 4 lockdown - parks, supermarkets, chemists, health care facilities, some shops and online or other contactless shopping. 

Even if there are some places that don't use vaccine passes, the entire country will initially be in “Red” or “Orange” under the new traffic light system - which means many businesses will be limited to contactless trading - effectively Level 3 conditions. This will be the case well into the new year.

Unite supports and encourages everyone to get vaccinated. If you want more information about vaccinations click here.


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Unite Union

Written 24/11/2021