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Join us at SkyCity this Monday the 21st of March for #RealClimateAction

Following on from the fantastic Union turnout at last year's People's Climate Marches, union members are invited to join in a day of "Peaceful civil disobedience" against the Oil Conference at the SkyCity Convention centre this Monday. The events will be co-ordinated by Greenpeace and inspired by Te Whiti and Tohu of Parihaka, by Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.


Briefing Day - Sunday

The briefing day will prepare people for the event and help foster the essence of community and peaceful direct action. Meeting from 12.30 at Federal Square, lunch and then briefing start at 1pm and will be finished at 5pm. 
If you are running late and miss the exodus from Federal Square to the venue text or call 021614899 I someone come get you. The briefing will cover a bit of background of non-violent direct action, and a full legal briefing and the details of the day for people to decide how they want to engage.

Action day - Monday

If you don't make the briefing you can still get put into teams by meeting at 6.30am in Aotea Square. Yep it's super early but it would be great to have as many people there as possible as you know what they say 'the early bird catches the worm'! Otherwise still great to have people showing up over the morning at the Skycity Convention Centre.
Despite years of public opposition and a failure to find any oil, John Key’s Government continues to invite oil companies to do risky deep sea drilling in NZ waters. We simply cannot afford to burn this stuff if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. Our government has effectively put Aotearoa's land and seas up for sale to the oil and gas companies who are causing catastrophic climate change.
Unite union represents an incredibly diverse range of people from all sorts of backgrounds. We have many members from low-lying Pacific island nations threatened by rising sea levels. We have members from the Philippines whose homelands are being smashed by typhoons on a regular basis. We have of course lots of members who identify as Tangata Whenua, whose land and sea are being opened up for deep sea oil drilling and fracking here in Aotearoa. Many of our members are the world's least responsible for causing climate change yet are the ones who are being impacted the most.
With more and more of New Zealand's unions developing positions on climate change and climate justice, workers can have a powerful and collective voice in the inevitable changes that must come in response to climate change. The needs of our families and communities must be put front and centre.
Faced with the greatest challenge of our time people all over the world are standing up. We are calling for an escalation in protest tactics at the oil conference in Auckland this year.
If you have any further questions, please contact me on the number below.
Hope to see you there.
Gary CranstonUnite Union OrganiserMobile:029 4555 97908002UNITE

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Gary Cranston

Written 18/3/2016