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Sunday 1st May zoom training sessions

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Like many plans over the past two years, Covid-19 has disrupted our union training schedule. Because it is as important as ever that union delegates and members know their rights at work, we are running twenty-six zoom training sessions over the next two weeks, covering essential issues at work and giving you the chance to ask questions about problems at your work.

Each one will take about an hour (and no longer than and hour and a half). Each topic will be repeated three or four times so it should be easy to find a day and time that suits you. Delegates who have not been able to attend any face to face training should try to attend as many different  topics as they can. Because these are short online sessions they don’t qualify as  Employment Relations Education and so won’t be paid like our all day face to face sessions normally are, but we will definitely be doing paid face to face training later in the year.

You don’t need to book - simply click on the link next to the date and time of the training session you want to join. You don’t need to have a zoom account, but you may have to download some software or the app if you are using zoom for the first time. If you haven’t used zoom before you can visit this page for beginners tips (includes video and a link to join a test meeting). 

You will need a computer (with camera, speaker or headphones and a microphone) or smart phone and a decent internet connection.

So pick the issues that you want (need!) to know more about and set a reminder on your phone to join in and learn.

Industrial Action with Joe Carolan and Yvette Seep
Sometimes we need to apply pressure to the boss during bargaining. Learn what you can (and can’t!) do with strikes, pickets and other actions that show what worker power is all about.

Fair Pay Agreements with John Crocker
Unite is looking to use new Fair Pay legislation (before parliament right now) to improve the pay and conditions of all hospitality workers in Aotearoa. Learn how it will work, how it could benefit you and how you can help make it a reality.

Political Economy with Mike Treen
Learn about the basic forces that really drive our society and how they impact in you as a worker and citizen.

Holidays and Leave with Andre Rabe and Aneta Chadderton
Understand what leave you are entitled to and what you should get paid for that leave.

Health and Safety with Shanna Reeder and Gerard Hehir
How to make sure you and your workmates stay safe - not just from cuts, falls and sprains, but bullying, harassment and overwork as well.

Recruitment with Amy Forrest & Bridget Cameron
The more members a union has the better deal it can get for everyone. Learn the best way to build your union strength at work

Social Media with Angus Wilson
They are powerful tools that we can use to organise and get a better deal at work, but those apps can also get you in trouble at work as well. 

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Written 27/4/2022