Bunnings workers have received contracts that will give them zero control over their hours, zero family time and zero respect!


Workers at Bunnings Warehouse, an Australian-owned hardware chain store, launched a series of local strikes across the country over the past month to protest new contracts. 

According to First Union, the major issue involves company demands to change rosters and work hours with only two weeks’ notice without agreement. 

First Union Northland organiser Garry Hetherington said the proposed changes were "one-sided". "How can workers arrange childcare, family life, sports, community work or other events when their rostered hours can be changed so quickly?" he said. "When you lose control of your work life it compromises everything from your family life to your participation in the community." 

About 300 workers have protested over the roster changes in recent weeks. FIRST Union Retail and Finance secretary Maxine Gray said Bunnings was proposing a downgrade on the collective agreement. "Management will have the power to chop and change start and finish times, even what days of the week a worker is rostered for can change on a manager's whim," she said.

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Mike Treen

Written 16/10/2015