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Unite Union is happy to announce they have reached agreement with Scenic Circle and Holiday Inn to End Zero Hour contracts at their hotels.

After Unite's widely successful End Zero Hours campaign the law changed earlier in 2016 to outlaw zero hour contracts with a one year grace period ending in 2017.  This new law means employers must give a minimum number of guaranteed hours to employees, and if employees are required to be available then they must receive compensation for their time.

The law is brand new and through constructive negotiations the hotels and the union have managed to successfully reach an arrangement that ends zero hour contracts, providing workers with guaranteed weekly hours.

The new Collective Agreement is already in place at Scenic Circle, and the Holiday Inn agreement is expected to be in place in the next week or two.


Shanna Reeder

Organiser for Hotels - based in Auckland 

Submitted by

Gary Cranston

Written 4/11/2016