Gary Cranston and Edward Miller meet with Jonathan Neale of the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign

By Unite Organiser, Gary Cranston.

On Friday, I had the pleasure to meet Jonathan Neala of the One Million Climate Jobs Campaign. Always great to meet an old Facebook friend in the flesh, and a great campaigner for climate justice.

Apart from his Million Green Jobs work, Jonathan was personally involved in the incredible Vestas wind turbine blade factory occupation which saw workers occupy their factory facing closure in a beautiful alliance with climate camp activists.We held a little hui and threw around lots of ideas for creating green jobs in New Zealand, agricultural reform, public transport and housing, with housing seeming to be one to follow up on. Jonathan is very keen to come to New Zealand, share his knowledge and help anyone serious about getting a climate jobs campaign off the ground, so get in touch with CJA if you are interested and we will hook you up.


Click here to download Jonathan’s brilliant One Million Climate Jobs report


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Mike Treen

Written 7/12/2015