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The Court case on overtime being calculated on a daily basis was taken by the Postal Workers Union to the Employment Court in December last year.

The decision from the Court was released on Wednesday. The decision is in favour of the Postal Workers Union.


This follows the May 2019 decision of the Employment Court on “availability for overtime” which was also won by the Postal Workers Union. This decision confirmed the union stance that union members could refuse compulsory overtime without an agreed payment for "availability".

The Postal Workers Union will work with NZ Post to put in place Wednesday’s decision of the Employment Court on daily overtime.

This will include any issue of back pay going back to the Collective Employment Agreement of 1 April 2016.

While working with NZ Post on the implementation of the Court decision the Postal Workers Union will consult with E tu because, like the “availability for overtime” case, E tu members will also benefit from this decision.

Submitted by

Mike Treen

Written 13/9/2019