On 28 November, Union members across New Zealand will march for climate justice. Join us.


In early December politicians will meet for the 21st time in 21 years to talk about  addressing climate change. Whether they end up cutting a deal or not, whether the deal is adequate or not, it’s time for union members to step into this conversation and make sure our demands and declarations for real action on climate change are left ringing in their ears.

Click here to join Unite Union members on the marches all over the country on the 28th of November.

Union members stand up for justice every day, in our workplaces, in our communities. Union members know that when it comes to making justice happen we’ve got to be involved, hands on. And we will.

That’s why the International Trade Union confederation which represents hundreds of millions of workers worldwide has already put its demands to the French Government in the run up to this year’s climate negotiations in Paris.

It will be workers and those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change that will be most affected by the choices made and actions taken in the face of it – and it will be workers that will be building, living and breathing the inevitable transition to a different world that needs to be made. Just as we need to fight for better working conditions we need to raise our voices and get stuck in ourselves in order to make sure we see real action on climate change.


On 28/29 November, the weekend before the Paris climate talks, marches will take place in hundreds of cities all around the world, with the goal of creating the largest ever mobilisation on climate change.

Marches are planned in several towns and cities in New Zealand with the biggest one happening in Auckland.

Now is your chance to get involved in the biggest conversation of our time.

Click here to find a march near you and register your attendance

Submitted by

Gary Cranston

Written 11/11/2015