How to get your first two pay rises at McDonald's

McDonald’s workers can get their first pay rise by completing CCO (Crew Certificate of Operations) training which is  supposed to be made available to all employees within the first 3 months of employment but often is not.

Completing the training (plus getting verified) gets you a 25c pay rise.

You also get another .30c pay rise on top of this if/when you have worked for McDonald's for one year or more and have completed your CCO training.

We have come across many examples of workers who despite working at McDonald's for many years never heard about the CCO qualification and related pay increases, so we thought we would help by helping Unite Union members get their CCO training done and get the pay increases that come with it.

How to get your CCO training modules done and get your first two pay rises

To achieve the CCO payrate, you must be trained on these 14 Stations in FRED and verified in the Campus Training Tracker.

• RBIT: Food Safety (First Shift) • RBIT: Security (First Shift)
• RBIT: Safety (First Shift)
• RBIT: Quality (First Shift)
• French Fries & Hashbrowns • Beverages & Desserts
• FC Order & Pay
• FC Assemble & Present
• Grilling
• Frying
• Regular Menu Initiate
• Regular Menu Assemble
• Production Wash Up & Set Up
• Breakfast Cooking

Once you have been verified on all these stations in FRED and Campus your hourly payrate will automatically increase by $0.25 cents.

When will all this take place?
You should be completing your CCO TAG, the CCO Quiz, the eModules and your RBIT station in your first 5 shifts.

Then you will just need to be trained and verified on the remaining 10 other stations.

You should aim to have all these stations completed within 6 to 9 months of joining us. This will depend on your availability and how many shifts you are able to work each week.


Getting verified

This involves a crew trainer watching you work at the stations in the list above and verifying that you are able to carry out the work properly.

You need to be verified in those stations to get the pay rise(s), so send an email to your Restaurant Manager (or franchisee if you have to) telling them that you did your CCO training modules online and you want to be verified as soon as possible.

When you write to your Restaurant Manager also explain how long it took you to do the training online and ask them when you will be paid for the time you spent doing it at home.

If you work at a Franchised store you can email:

If you work at a company managed store you should send it to your restaurant manager at:

Just insert your franchisee or restaurant manager’s first and last name into the email address.

Any delays in getting verified should result in backpay for you as this will delay your pay increase through no fault of your own. If your RM does not arrange the verification in a timely manner, or does not pay you for the time you spent doing your CCO modules online then contact your Unite Union organiser.


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