How to get your first two pay rises at McDonald's:

McDonald’s workers can get their first pay rise by completing CCO (Crew Certificate of Operations) training which is supposed to be made available to all employees within the first 3 months of employment but often is not.

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Unite's previous wins at McDonald's:

What Unite union members have achieved over the last twelve years through collective bargaining:

  • Securing 100% of agreed minimum hours. Only a few years ago all McDonald's workers were on “zero hour” contracts.
  • Getting all McDonald's workers paid 30 cents an hour more than the minimum wage, as well as a clear and fair system for a further 55 cent per hour increase within a year.
  • Leading campaigns (including a petition signed by 250,000 people) to double the value of the minimum wage from 30% of the average wage to nearly 60% today.
  • Getting rid of youth rates in 2006 and stopping the company re-introducing them in 2013.
  • Increasing paid breaks from 10 to 15 minutes  and getting compensation of an extra 15 minutes pay for missing a paid break.
  • Getting a clear system for breaks into the agreement so that the company can’t take them away when the government changed to law to reduce the requirement to provide regular paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Getting a “pass-on” payment of up to $300 for union members only when the new collective agreement was signed.
  • Stopping the company from being able to fire you for no reason within 90 days of starting your job.
  • Increasing the rates for Shift Supervisors by $1.50 per hour and winning a Higher Duties Allowance.
  • Back pay for all current and former McDonald's staff for holiday pay miscalculations that will be paid out in 2020
  • Easier entitlement to an alternative holiday for working on a public holiday.

Aotearoa McDonald’s Workers Council

Aotearoa McDonalds Workers Council | 4 May 2022

Photo: 4 May 2022

The Aotearoa McDonald’s Workers Council is a democratic council, made up of twelve Unite Union delegates from McDonald’s stores across the country. The council meets together every three weeks to discuss matters pertaining to McDonald’s workers, with the goal of creating a fair and safe working environment for all. In these times of pandemic and economic hardship, the council is committed to elevating the voices of workers and ensuring that they are heard by McDonald’s New Zealand.

As a mouthpiece for McDonald’s workers, the council wants to hear from you. Communicate with us directly and confidentially at, or join the conversation at “McDonalds Unite Delegates Aotearoa” on Facebook.



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