Covid-19 lockdown information:

BK Pay proposal and Wage Subsidy Form OK to sign

On Friday 27th August Burger King  asked all employees to fill out a form (online link here) with a Level 4 pay proposal and consent so they can access the government's Wage Subsidy on your behalf.

We have been in discussion with Burger King over the past few days and have agreed that the proposal you have been sent meets both the requirements of the wage subsidy and the collective agreement. 

The key point for Unite is that no-one will be paid less than their agreed minimum hours. There may be some reductions for some who have been working many more than their agreed hours (although this is limited to 20% at the most) but, as you should know, hours above your agreed number can be reduced at any time, lockdown or not.

The wage subsidy part is a legal requirement that employers receive workers' consent to pass their details onto MSD.

The only details they will be passing on are:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • IRD number
  • Whether you normally work more or less than 20 hours per week

We've been through this before and reviewed the process now; this is a harmless privacy waiver. We recommend you fill out the form online  so it's easier for Burger King to continue to pay everyone.

If you have any questions please contact your organiser. If you have concerns about the pay proposal then please get in touch. Burger King has committed to fixing any situations where the pay proposal results in an unfair reduction in pay because of individual circumstances.


Lead Organiser


Gerard Hehir

Assistant National Secretary

Gerard is based in Palmerston North and is our Assistant National Secretary

021 029 40345