This charter is endorsed by Unite and contains the recognition rights we expect employers to observe. The best way to guarantee the rights below is to have them written in to your collective agreement.

As a workplace delegate you have the right to:

  • Recognition by your employer that you are the workers’ elected representative. Members of the union elect the workplace delegate to represent them – the employer doesn’t have the right to interfere in this process. Managers with the power to discipline workers or hire and fire shouldn’t be delegates, though in some circumstances they may be union members
  • Recognition by fellow workers that you are the democratically elected Unite delegate in the workplace
  • Approach union members, or be approached by union members, about joining the union or workplace issues during work hours
  • Represent members at disciplinary meetings including the time needed to investigate any issues. This can include interviewing other workers or management involved prior to a meeting
  • Have another union member or delegate with you when you are raising an issue with management
  • Arrange workplace meetings for members on the work premises during work hours.
  • Consult with other delegates within the region during work time
  • Use a workplace phone and other facilities and resources needed to carry out your delegate duties
  • Post notices on union notice boards without interference from your employer
  • Paid time to attend union education workshops and delegate meetings endorsed by the union
  • Time off to act in any capacity under the direction of the Unite branch secretary

You cannot be disciplined for exercising these rights.