Workplaces opening:

The rest of New Zealand outside of Auckland is at alert level 2.

Workplaces need to operate safely at level 2, and are able to open. Businesses are encouraged to use alternative ways of working if possible

Social Distancing:

Employers are required to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable there is at least 1 metre distancing between workers and all other necessary steps to prevent risk of spread such as regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces.

If customers are dining in then they must be seated and only served by one person.

If your workplace doesn’t follow the rules and you think there is a risk to your health and safety, you can refuse to work in the unsafe area. You should contact us if this is an issue.

When should you be paid?

If you are also self isolating because you’ve had a Covid test, your employer can also apply for the Covid-19 Short Term Absence Payment.

If you or one of your household members is ‘higher risk’, and a doctor has told you to self-isolate while there is active community transmission, you’re eligible to receive the assistance under the Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme.

You should get a written instruction from your doctor to self-isolate, and send it to your employer so they can apply for the Leave Support Scheme