Free Phone: 0800 2 UNITE (0800 286 483)
DDI: (09) 845 2132
Fax: 09 846 9509
Postal Address: PO Box 96233, Balmoral, Auckland 1342
National Offfice: 6A Western Springs Road, Morningside, Auckland


Unite Union also has a women's caucus to discuss issues which affect women. Anyone who has these types of concerns is invited to put these to the caucus or to contact one of its members to raise the issue on their behalf.

For more information email:


<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of John Crocker ======= Photo of John Crocker >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

John Crocker

National Secretary

John is Unite's National Secretary and is based in Auckland

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Mike Treen ======= Photo of Mike Treen >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Mike Treen

Industrial Advocate

Mike is based in Auckland and is our Industrial Advocate

029 525 4744

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Joe Carolan ======= Photo of Joe Carolan >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Joe Carolan

Casinos Organiser

Joe is our lead casinos organiser, and is based in Auckland

029 4455 702

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Amy Forrest ======= Photo of Amy Forrest >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Amy Forrest

Wellington Region Organiser

Amy organises all sectors in the greater Wellington district and is based in Wellington

022 303 7507

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Gerard Hehir ======= Photo of Gerard Hehir >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Gerard Hehir

Assistant National Secretary

Gerard is Unite's Assistant National Secretary and is based in Manawatu


<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Shanna Reeder ======= Photo of Shanna Reeder >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Shanna Reeder

Hotels Organiser

Shanna is our hotels organiser, and is based in Auckland

029 445 5703

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Gary Cranston ======= Photo of Gary Cranston >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Gary Cranston

Fast Food Organiser

Gary is our McDonald's lead organiser. He's based in Auckland and covers fast foods in Auckland and Northland

029 455 5979

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Andre Rabe ======= Photo of Andre Rabe >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Andre Rabe

PWUA Organiser

Andre works for the Postal Workers of Aotearoa, and is based in the Unite office

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Julia Liu ======= Photo of Julia Liu >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Julia Liu


Julia is Unite's Office Administrator. She's based in Auckland

(09) 845 2132 or 0800 286 483

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Ekta Punj ======= Photo of Ekta Punj >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Ekta Punj

Office Manager

Ekta is our Office Manager and is based in Auckland

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Angus Wilson ======= Photo of Angus Wilson >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Angus Wilson

Southland Organiser

Angus is our Southland organiser, and is responsible for all sites south of Timaru

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Canterbury Organiser ======= Photo of Canterbury Organiser >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Canterbury Organiser

Canterbury Region Organiser

0800 2 UNITE (0800 286 483)

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Lauren McGee ======= Photo of Lauren McGee >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Lauren McGee


Lauren organises Fast Food and Cinema worksites in the South Auckland and North Waikato areas.

029 201 3837

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Kartini Clarke ======= Photo of Kartini Clarke >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Kartini Clarke


Kartini organises Fast Food and Cinema sites in Auckland

021 1285 425

<<<<<<< HEAD Photo of Darryn Grace ======= Photo of Darryn Grace >>>>>>> 153703854899b655492a83edd4e8cdafcf1be7e6

Darryn Grace

Bay of Plenty Organiser

Darryn organises sites in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Coromandel and Hamilton areas

021 043 1697