Why become a union member at Event?


In 2020 Event undertook a brutal restructure which cut their labour costs in half by slashing hours and making people redundant.

We back up our members right from the beginning to make sure they get a fair deal - if not, we give them the legal resources they need to do something about it.


In the time of Covid-19, we have been crucial to making sure that Event is safe to work in and that workers are being treated fairly. This has included:

  • Scrutinising and challenging Event’s use of the wage subsidy and other government
    assistance to make sure it is being distributed fairly
  • Making sure masks are available and being used
  • Negotiating additional sick leave so that workers are not out of pocket

Pay and conditions

Our members work together to negotiate better pay and conditions through the union.


Members also get representation and support when issues come up at work.

Background of Event cinemas

Event is the biggest cinema company in New Zealand. It is an Australian company and is a subsidiary of the Event Hospitality and Entertainment company.

This parent company made $118.8 million NZD net income in 2019 and is publicly traded on the
Australian Securities Exchange.

Lead Organiser

Kartini Clarke med

Kartini Clarke


Kartini organises Fast Food and Cinema sites in Auckland

021 1285 425