Unite has been involved in covering cinema workers for several decades. We have collective agreements in place for waged workers at the biggest cinema companies in New Zealand – Event, Hoyts, Rialto and Reading.

We also cover members at many smaller, independent cinemas.

We’ve put security back into working at the cinemas by getting guaranteed hours of work for every employee. Unite has also given back cinema workers their weekends and their time by removing required availability.

  • Pay increases for long- serving cinema workers
  • Increased rights around Public Holidays
  • Redundancy compensation
  • Allowances for public transport, uniforms and cleaning
  • Overtime rates for extra hours

What common problems does Unite help with?

  • Getting more hours of work
  • Getting too many hours of work
  • Representation for investigation meetings and disciplinaries
  • Health and safety issues being raised, including mental health
  • Help with bullying and harassment
  • Not being trained properly or progressing in the company

Lead Organiser