The company has an updated offer for members that involves a couple of minor modifications. 

The offer is now for two years rather than three and the second year increase is up 1% to 4%.

But the vast majority of people will still get between 4% and 5.6% for this year and that remains below the inflation rate of 7.3%.

The bargaining group has rejected this offer but we want everyone to have a chance to discuss it and vote on it.

More importantly, we have a new industrial strategy to propose which we believe can bring things to a head much more quickly that we want you to support.

These are paid two-hour meeting. The venue is Level 11, AA Building, Albert Street.

Come at one of the following times on Thursday 8th September:

  • 10am - 12 noon
  • 12 noon - 2pm  
  • 8pm - 10pm
  • 10pm - 12 midnight